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Safeguard your equipment with superior case solutions from Sierra Cases.

Sierra Cases is a leading distributor and integrator of top quality, rugged shipping and rack mount cases. We protect sensitive electronics and equipment for military, government, aerospace, telecommunications, and industrial applications.

Shipping Damage is a Major Concern

Many companies, organizations and government agencies ship sensitive equipment and supplies at least periodically, and for some, it’s a standard occurrence. Whether you’re shipping items via air or ground, there are lots of hazards that lead to damage and other problems in the shipping process. That’s where Sierra Cases come in.

Shipping high-value items is risky, and postal insurance only gets you so far. Protect your valuable property with a rugged shipping case or rack mount case from Sierra Cases. Be confident your items will arrive safely in usable condition.

Advanced Moisture Protection

Shipping products and other items in a standard cardboard box does little to protect against moisture. Excess moisture leads to corrosion and mold. In transit or storage, sensitive materials exposed to moist air and condensation can become damaged beyond repair.

Our cases are equipped with seals and humidity indicators to keep tighter control over the transit environment for moisture-sensitive supplies like electronics.

Extreme Cold and Heat

Extreme cold and hot temperatures are hazardous for some materials. A specially designed transit case from Sierra Cases, constructed of aluminum or plastic, withstands harsh temperatures and provides protection for your sensitive supplies during shipment.

Sierra Cases offers a number of customized transport cases that offer advanced protection from extreme heat and cold conditions during shipment. These include air-conditioned cases, environmentally controlled cases and more.

Vibration and Shock Impact Protection

Electronics are particularly sensitive to shock and vibration during transit. A shock isolated rack mount case absorbs movement and shaking and cushions valuable electronics equipment from devastating damage.

It doesn’t matter whether your materials are shipping via boat, train, plane, or truck, every mode of transportation causes vibration. The standard foam packing materials used for some electronics aren’t adequate for providing comprehensive shock and vibration protection, especially for long transits. Our cases use an inner rack frame isolated from the case body with elastomeric shocks mounts. These absorb shock and vibration resulting from travel conditions and protect the equipment inside the case.

Meets Military Specifications

Sierra Cases offers transit cases that meet the MIL-STD-810 standard. MIL-STD-810 addresses a range of environmental conditions that a case may experience: high altitude, temperature extremes, rain, sleet, humidity, fungus, salt fog, sand, dust, shock and vibration.

Only top-quality transport cases meet the requirements under this strict standard.

Transit Cases for a Variety of Industries

Sierra Cases doesn’t just provide rack mount cases for electronics and military equipment. Our cases serve the needs of a variety of industries, including:

  • Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical
  • Military

No matter what conditions your supplies and materials will be exposed to, Sierra Cases offers durable and innovative solutions that protect your valuable supplies from the harshest conditions.

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