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EDAK aluminum cases

EDAK aluminum cases

EDAK Aluminum Transit and Air Conditioned Cases

EDAK’s rugged aluminum transit and transport cases are engineered to withstand the severity of military and heavy industrial operations. Their cases offer protection from shock, vibration, water, dust and extreme temperatures. EDAK offers a wide range of aluminum case styles:

  • Shock-isolated rack mount cases
  • Shipping cases
  • Air conditioned cases
  • Instrument and briefcases
  • Military transport cases

EDAK manufactures custom cases to exact specification, irrespective of quantity. Don’t settle for the nearest size. Have a case built to fit your application in the smallest possible footprint with the highest level of protection. EDAK brands include KOOLEX, MILEX, PORTEX, STANEX, LITEX and COMMEX.

LITEX Shipping Cases

EDAK COMMEX aluminum shipping cases

LITEX aluminum cases are an economical solution for transport and storage requirements. These light-duty cases are built tough for most commercial and consumer applications. Manufactured from tough, lightweight aluminum alloy, they have superior volume-to-weight ratio. They are much lighter than similarly sized cases made of other materials. If a standard sized case doesn’t fit, EDAK can build a LITEX case to your dimensions and specifications.

  • Lightweight 0.50” (1.27mm) thick aluminum alloy construction
  • Stacking corners with lugs
  • Hinged covers
  • Spring-loaded handles
  • Profile frame for reliability
  • Optional foam lining or custom foam inserts
  • Optional two wheel, removable trolley with pull-handle
Part Number Inside Dimensions (inches) Lid Depth Base Depth Weight Volume
L W H (inches) (inches) (lbs.)
EF22.1409 22.8 14.9 9.8 1 8.8 9.0 1.5 cubic feet
EF22.1412 21.7 13.8 12.2 1 11.2 10.0 2.1 cubic feet
EF22.1415 21.7 13.8 15.0 1 14.0 11.6 2.6 cubic feet
EF22.2215 21.7 21.7 15.0 1 14.0 14.8 4.1 cubic feet
EF30.2215 29.5 21.7 15.0 1 14.0 18.0 5.5 cubic feet
EF30.2223 29.5 21.7 22.8 1 21.8 21.2 8.4 cubic feet
EF46.3019 45.3 29.5 18.9 1 17.9 32.0 14.6 cubic feet