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19-Inch Rack Mount Transit Cases

Zero Cases Warrior 19 inch rackmount case
  • EIA-310 compliant 19″ rackmount frame
  • Gasket sealed front and rear lids for easy access
  • Shock isolated or hard-mounted frames
  • Optional wheels or casters
  • MIL-STD, IP65, and ATA ratings
  • Removable, slide-out internal rack frame available
  • Aluminum, rotationally molded, thermoformed or composite construction
  • Customize your 19” rackmount transport case
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2U Rack Mount Cases

Model Part Number Rack Depth Lid Depth Shock Isolators Weight (lbs) Construction
SKB Standard Rack 1SKB19-2U 15″ 2.5″ No 9.0 Thermoformed Plastic
SKB US Series Roto Rack 1SKB-R2 17″ 2″ No 10.8 Rotational Molded Plastic
SKB Shallow Roto Rack 1SKB-XRACK2 10.4″ 2″ No 6.4 Rotational Molded Plastic

More About Our 19 Inch Rack Mount Cases

With a comprehensive variety of rack mount cases, Sierra Cases is the perfect solution for storage and shipping cases. We offer customization options to make your rackmount transport case a precise match for your requirements and specifications.

Rack Mount Cases in Any Size

Sierra Cases offers a robust selection of portable rackmount cases, ranging from 2U to 30U heights. If our standard sizes are not suitable for your needs, custom size options are available.

Multiple Material Options

In addition to a wide selection of sizes, choose a 19 inch rack mount case constructed of aluminum, composite, or plastic to accommodate the specific requirements of shipping and transit for various applications.

Abundance of Accessories for Total Customization

With our vast selection of accessories, your rack mount case can be as unique as your project. Choose from hardware options, removable internal racks, support rails, shelves and drawers for keyboards and other electronics items, casters, additional shocks for heavy payloads, stowage pouches and more.

Hardware Options for Enhanced Rack Mount Case Functionality

A 19” rack mount case can be equipped with a variety of hardware options that add even more functionality for shipping and storage requirements. Options include stainless steel butterfly latches, , lifting and tie-down rings for easy transport, 3-by-5 inch card holders for easy identification, stainless steel or black hardware, ATA labels, marking labels and ID plates, padlock-able hasps for added security, and more.

Venting Options for Added Protection

Pressure control is an issue for supplies and materials shipped in a portable rackmount case.  This concern is alleviated with optional vent valve or automatic pressure relief valve (PRV).

Removable Racks for Interior Rack Mount Case Organization

Removable interior storage racks add versatility to a portable rack mount case, offering the capability to organize and separate supplies within the same case.

Shelves and drawers add functionality to a portable rackmount case. Stainless steel rack shelves are available in depths between 19 and 34 inches, accommodating a variety of rack mount case sizes. Pull-out drawers, drawers with covers, and pull-out shelves with Velcro fasteners enhance the usability and add organizational capability to any 19 inch rack mount case.

Rack Mount Cases with EIA-310 Compliance

EIA (Electronics Industries Association) issues specifications for standard racks. The EIA-310 specification standardizes various features of 19-inch racks commonly used for transportation and other applications. These specifications include:

  • Rack Unit (RU, sometimes abbreviated U)
  • Front panel width
  • Vertical and horizontal hole spacing
  • Rack opening

EIA-310 compliant rack mount transit cases ensure compatibility with standard racks for shipping and storage.

Additional accessories, such as integrated chairs, lid tables, interstackers for secure stacking of transit cases and racks, watertight options and earth terminals are also valuable additions for certain applications. Contact us to learn more about how customized transit cases from Sierra Cases can streamline your shipping processes and ensure the integrity of your equipment both in transit and in storage.

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